re: Lemoine Lake  TT  0:26 am Wednesday September 29, 1999
I was actually on the trip with John Boy.  Being from California,
I had never seen forests like those in "Air-Ivanhoe Country".  
The lake water was really not all that bad considering we had
flown through Phoenix and I drank water from a fountain in the
airport.  The water filter did help since it took most of the
taste out of the lake water.  The fishing was slow at times, but
overall was quite good.  It was amazing to see the pike bite
anything we fished with.  Largest pike was 27" with walleye in
the 19" range.  Weather was cool with a bit of rain (Sept 11-18),
but certainly in the comfortable range.

George and Jeanne were wonderful hosts and we turned out quite
happy that George was concerned about our low beer supply.  We
were also very pleased with the cost of fishing supplies, beer,
etc.  Our group was 100 pounds overweight and will no doubt take
more next time.  The cabin was more than anticipated and having a
refrigerator was wonderful.

Thank you George and Jeanne for a wonderful time and you will
definitely have us as visitors again!
 Lemoine Lake  John Boy  10:05 pm Sunday September 26, 1999
Just a note on our party of 6 that went onto Lemoine........ The
first thing I must say is the Ivanhoe People are "Great" and the
prices are fair... The first thing , George told us about the
party coming out of Oswold , Fishing slow , So he asked if we
would mine going to Lemoine , He thought it may be better . It
was and had two outlying lakes with boats that were also good ,
One for Pike and one for Waleye/Perch .  Now some facts,,,,,
Lake water was like weak tea , So we boiled a lot of water for
all uses, Terrel thank God thought to bring a back back filter
for our drinking water..... George said we didnt have enough
Beer so Wed. he droped off another case. (thanks George)..We
also had two lanterns that helped.... Someone left a spray can
of deinfectant in the john that helped .....Cabin had a full
size Survel Propane Ref. that worked good.... Cabin is wired for
elec. I would take small 600 or 800 watt Gen next trip....