Float Plane by Fishing Dock in Front of Lodge

What Is Air Ivanhoe?

Where Are We

We are located 2 miles off the 101 Hwy between Timmins and Chapleau, Ontario. It’s paved roads to get to our drive in lodge and floatplane base.  Guests can stay here in private cottages, giving them the highest level of accomodations or jump into a floatplane in search of the highest quality of fishing.  The maps below will show you the general area as well as a more specific site map where each star represents a different cottage on a different lake.   The arrow in the center is our drive in lodge, Ivanhoe River Inn.

Getting To Us    

By Car – Most of our guests will drive their own vehicle on all paved roads directly to our drive in lodge and floatplane base.

By Train – The Canadian National Railway (CNR) operates VIARAIL which starts and stops in Foleyet, Ontario.  Foleyet is about 5 kms away from our drive in lodge with all paved roads.  We will organize your pickup from Foleyet to our drive in lodge at $20/vehicle load.   Call 1-888-842-7245 or go to HTTP://www.viarail.ca to book your train tickets.  Please reach out to use by phone or email well ahead of your trip (and your arrival) so that we can organize your transportation from Foleyet to our lodge, and back again at the end of the week.

By Plane – International guests that are comming from further than 14 hours by car may wish to fly to our nearest airport, Timmins, Ontario (YYZ).  Direct flights to this airport routinely will go through Toronto (YYZ or YTZ).  From Timmins you will either rent a car or a taxi to travel the remaining 65 miles to our lodge.    TAXI SERVICE: Beal Taxi is approximately $200+ Canadian per Vehicle load. Rates are subject to change. We will arrange your taxi service, or you can phone 705-264-2201. We suggest you request or order a van for you and your cargo. Rental cars are also available at the airport. Enterprise 1-705-264-3227/Avis 705-268-3335/Budget 705-264-2300   

Directions to Ivanhoe Lake/Foleyet Ontario

We are not hard to find! We are:

            50 Miles East of Chapleau on Hwy 101

            65 Miles West of Timmins on Hwy 101

             7 Miles West of Foleyet on Hwy 101

            Turn South off Hwy 101 to Ivanhoe Lake Road, just 2 Km (1.5 miles).

The Ivanhoe River Inn is the Seaplane base for Air Ivanhoe. The Ivanhoe Lake Road is also the road to the Provincial Park. Our office is in the Ivanhoe River Inn, the large vertical log building on lakeside. You won’t miss us!

For easy directions please refer to https://www.google.com/maps/dir//Air+Ivanhoe+Ltd,+Foleyet,+ON+P0M+1T0/@48.185717,-82.50462,12z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x4d3be99b257155e3:0x236465c00eec8845!2m2!1d-82.507967!2d48.187777?hl=en-US

GPS DEVICES: We recommend that you use caution on relying on GPS devices to find your way to Ivanhoe Lake. Most GPS devices will take you on the shortest route, which can and will take you on gravel roads. We offer directions from Sault Ste Marie and Sudbury Ontario on our Website and both these routes, will most likely ask you to take gravel roads. Our recommendation is to stay on well travelled paved roads.


FROM THE SOUTHWEST: Via Sault Ste. Marie east on Hwy 17 to Thessalon, North on Hwy 129 to Chapleau, east on Hwy 101 to Ivanhoe Lake Road, all paved roads 225 miles.  This route is scenic, and winding, and will normally avoid the early morning fog that comes off Lake Superior. Careful on Hwy 101 within 50 miles of Chapleau, lots of Rookie police officers, and a definite speed trap!!!

FROM THE SOUTHWEST: Via Sault Ste. Marie north on Hwy 17 to Wawa, then take Hwy 101 to Ivanhoe Lake Road. All paved roads 285 miles. The views of Lake Superior make the trip worthwhile. Careful on Hwy 101 within 50 miles of Chapleau, lots of Rookie police officers, and a definite speed trap!!!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend Hwy 556 out of Sault Ste Marie, due to 50 miles of gravel, and lots of winding roads and lumber trucks.


FROM THE SOUTH:  As you are driving up on Hwy 69, on approach into Sudbury you will notice a sign that says Hwy 144 Bypass. TAKE IT!! It will take you west on Hwy 17 for 10+ miles. There is a Hwy 144 bypass sign you need to take. This Highway goes north for about 10 miles then you get to an intersection of Hwy 144. Turn North or Left. Take Hwy 144 North to  Hwy 101. Turn Left towards Foleyet and we are 7 miles past Foleyet and turn south on to Ivanhoe Lake Road, all paved roads 210 miles. Drive Time Sudbury on Hwy 144 to Hwy 101 Turn is 160 Miles, and then about 50 miles west on Hwy 101 to Foleyet. Careful on Hwy 144 within 25 miles of Gogama. Lots of Rookie police officers, and a definite speed trap!!!

FROM THE SOUTHEAST: Via Sudbury on Hwy 144 to Hwy 101 west, all paved roads, 220 miles.

PLEASE NOTE:  Mapquest can give you information, if you type in Foleyet, Ontario as your destination.  Mapquest is usually keeping you on paved roads; however AAA will put you on the back gravel roads if you ask for shortest distance.

BUFFALO/CANADIAN CROSSING:  Parties traveling through Buffalo-Toronto area.  Buffalo to Toronto is 2 hours.

Near Hamilton Ontario (1 hour from Toronto) look for a new Hwy called Hwy 407.  If you take the 407 there is an electronic toll and you will be billed by mail. The 407 will by-pass most of Toronto and you should exit on Hwy 400 North.  Take 400 North towards Sudbury.  Please do not try to travel through Toronto Monday-Friday between 6AM-9AM or 4PM-7PM.  Arrange your schedule to miss these hours if possible.  There are other routes around Toronto.  Please refer to a current map prior to your Toronto bypass.

Who We Are

Air Ivanhoe is managed and owned by the Theriault family.  George, Jeanne, Joel, and Daniela Theriault are all actively working and managing the company.  We directly employ about 20 staff seasonally from May to November as pilots, dock staff, maintenance crews, office, cleaning, and restaurant staff.  If you’re thinking about working in the tourism industry, please email us a resume we’re always looking for highly motivated staff.

What Fish Species You Can Find Here

FISHING VARIETY ABOUNDS! Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Speckled Trout, Jumbo Perch, Smallmouth Bass and Whitefish.