Float Plane by Fishing Dock in Front of Lodge

Canada Out Of Doors as seen on Wild TV

In the spring, summer, and fall of 2021 the team at Air Ivanhoe filmed a huge round of adventures where we show you the outfitters life, caught fish, and had true northern cookouts.  The TV series “Canada Out of Doors” is a reality based television show which launched on Wild TV December 29, 2021.  

Canada Out Of Doors plays on Wild Tv 4X / week

THU 21:00   FRI 7:00     FRI 14:00     SAT 20:30

You can watch the full length video clips on Wild TV (satellite or cable in Canada), the Wild Tv app or reach out to us by email and we can help you out.

We hope you enjoy the teaser video clips below.


Episode 2 – Fishing with the Semi Pro’s