Float Plane by Fishing Dock in Front of Lodge

Family History

Theriault FamilyGeorge Theriault Sr. started working with floatplanes in the fishing tourism industry in the early 30’s as a teenager.  He had a highly decorated career with the Canadian military, exploring and mapping most of arctic in the later years.  Theriault Aviation was started in the mid 1950s and what began as an extremely small and modest business has now grown to one of the largest fly in fishing operations in Northern Canada.

When George Theriault Sr. sold the company to his son, a new name “Air Ivanhoe” was created in 1980.  Our families most recent addition is Matteo Theriault, born January 2017.  Wait about 16 years, he will be your 4th generation bush pilot.  George Jr., his son Joel, and his grandson Matteo were all passengers in the same beaver floatplanes that were still flying within a few weeks of being born.  It’s an interesting lifestyle that we hope to be able to share with you during your adventure with us!