Float Plane by Fishing Dock in Front of Lodge


Note for our rates shown below:
All prices below are quoted in Canadian Funds.

Fly-In Nemegosenda Lake Lodge

Housekeeping Plan (bring your food)
Days Timing Cost
7 Day Package (per Adult) Sat – Sat $1250
4 Day Package (per Adult) Sat – Wed $1000
3 Day Package (per Adult) Wed – Sat $900

Rates Include: Round trip airfare from Ivanhoe Lake to Nemegosenda Lake Lodge where you will find your luxury fishing cabin. We include a 14’ aluminum boat, 15HP 2 stroke motor and all fuel per every 2 adults. Boats are equipped with fish finders, paddles, anchors, keyhole life vests, swivel padded boat seats, landing net and minnow bucket.  Your private cottage includes hot and cold running water, three piece bathroom, propane heaters, bath towels, blankets and clean sheets on hotel quality mattresses.  This lodge will operate essentially as a fly – in outpost cottage, where you will be bringing your own food, cooking your own meals in your own kitchen in your own cottage, cleaning your own fish, etc.

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Fly-In Outposts

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B – Bush Cottages: Propane systems are setup for 4 burner stove with oven, lights, fridge, and BBQ – woodstove for heat – Solar electricity (with a small backup generator) for electric lights and outlets. All cottages have a screened in front porch unless otherwise noted. All cottages are equipped for housekeeping and include all dishes, silverware, pots and pans. Boats are equipped with padded boat seats with a back rest, paddles, fishing nets, minnow buckets, safety kits, key hole or flotation life vests (normal size).
VIP – All features of our (B) Bush camps PLUS + Hot and Cold running water for sinks and indoor showers +5 cubic foot electric deep freezer

Cottage Type Lake Name Party 2 Party of 3 Party of 4/5 Party of 6/7 Party of 8/9 Party of 10+
Flying Friday Morning
VIP Bonar North  —  — $1080 $1050 $1020
VIP Bonar South $1170  $1140 $1110 $1080 $1050/-
VIP Kingfisher Outpost $1170  $1140 $1110 $1080 $1050 $1020
VIP Schewabic  — $1110 $1080 $1050/-
VIP Shawmere $1170 $1140 $1110 $1080/-  —
VIP Lincoln $1170 $1140 $1110 $1080 $1050/-
B Paul $1110 $1080 $1050 $1020/-  —
B Sherlock $1110 $1080 $1050 $1020/-  —
B Shiners $1110 $1080 $1050  1020/-  —
Flying Saturday Morning
VIP  Beattie  $1170  $1140 $1110 $1080/-  —
VIP Lemoine  —  — $1110 $1080 $1050 $1020
VIP Oswald $1170 $1140 $1110 $1080 $1050/-
VIP Riverside $1170 $1140 $1110 $1080 $1050/-
VIP Biggs  — $1110 $1080 $1050/-
B Little Lemoine $1110 $1080 $1050 $1020/-  —
B Sahler $1110 $1080 $1050/-  —  —  —
Flying Saturday Afternoon
VIP Bromley  —  — $1110  $1080 $1050 $1020
VIP McConnell  $1170  $1140 $1110  $1080 $1050/-  —
Flying Sunday Morning
VIP Pebonishewi North  — $1110 $1080/-  —  —
VIP  Rice North  — $1110 $1080 $1050/-  —
VIP  Rice South $1150 $1120 $1090
VIP  Rush  — $1110 $1080 $1050 $1020
 VIP Pebonishewi South  — $1140 $1110 1080 1050/-  —
Flying Sunday Afternoon
VIP Forearm $1170 $1140 $1110 $1080/-  —  —
Resound $1110 $1080 $1050/-  —  —  —

Drive-In Lodge and Cottages

Drive-In Lodge Cottages and Packages

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At our drive in lodge and drive in cottages, guests have many options including renting just a cottage, or including boats/motors/fuel.  We rent cottages to anglers, hunters, and any other guests in need of accommodations.

Package with Cottage/ Boats/Motors/Fuel

5 Day Package (per Adult) $575.00
Package Information: Cottage accommodations for your group plus one 14ft V-hull Lund Boat and 15hp Yamaha motor and all fuel for every 2 adults. Odd number group sizes can ride 3 in a boat and pay the accommodations rate for the 3RD person (rates below) and / or rent an additional boat for the week. Groups that do not need a boat & motor for each two group members should contact us to create a custom package.
Our 5 day package runs Sunday to Friday, and is based on at least 2 adults in the group. To add or remove a day, add or subtract the rate by $85/day/adult. With our housekeeping package we offer a discounted rate for a One Day Fly-In Fishing Trip during the week (Mon-Thurs) for $300/adult/day minimum 4, not to exceed 1200lbs for the aircraft.

Check In: 2:00pm • Check Out: 10:00am

Accommodations Only – Daily Inn Rates
 VIP Log Suites, Bay, or Juniper Cottage Parties of Four $250 per night
Cottage Log Suites Single $120 per night
Cottage Log Suites Extra Person $49 per night
Cottage Log Suites Children 12 yrs and under $25 per night
Cottage Log Suites Children 13-17 yrs $35 per night
Cottage Log Suites  Per Pet $15

4+ Day Special: 10% discount for parties staying 4 days or longer.
Weekends: minimum 4 day rental.

Rates Include: All units are equipped for light housekeeping and thermostatically controlled electric heat, full size refrigerator, stove, lights, all dishes, cookware, silverware, towels, pillows, mattresses, sheets and blankets. Dish soap, hand soap and body soap are also supplied. We also offer a colour television with a satellite dish in each suite. Boat docking facilities available at $10 per day. Multiple night stays do not include daily maid or towel service.

Check In: 2:00pm • Check Out: 10:00am

Boat-In Lodge and Cottages

Boat-In River Cottages
Cabin Name Rental Time Rate (weekly) Extras
 Cabin 1 – The Narrows Friday 3:00pm – Friday 10:00am $775 Party size over 2 persons add $50 per adult/week
Cabin 2 – The Brook Friday 3:00pm – Friday 10:00am $875 Party size over 4 persons add $50 per adult/week
Cabin 3 – The Point Friday 3:00pm – Friday 10:00am $725 Party size over 2 persons add $50 per adult/week

3 and 4 Day Trips: either begin or end on a Friday, the camp change day.
3 or 4 Days: $100 discount per party.

We Supply: Cabin equipped for light housekeeping including propane refrigerator, propane 4-burner stove with oven, propane lights, wood burning stove for heat, all dishes including silverware and pots and pans, pillows with pillow cases and mattresses with corner sheets.
Guest Needs: Food, sleeping bag, , pillow case and flat or fitted twin sheets, axe, fishing/hunting license (we sell), first aid kit, all fishing tackle and personal gear. We recommend a Coleman/propane light and fuel. Bring or rent boats and motors.

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We Rent
S-16 and S-14 Lund Boat with a 15 HP motor with 5 gallons of mixed fuel $460 per week
S-14 Lund Boat $240 per week
We have fuel available in 5 gallon jerry cans to take up the river for the week Market Priced