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Guy in Blue T-shirt holding FishAir Ivanhoe offers a hugely diverse variety of fishing options giving anglers a huge price range and even more variety of options.  We offer drive in, boat in, and fly in fishing vacations.  We have packages that include boats / motors / fuel and others where you can bring your own.  We have packages that give you access to restaurant meals like our drive-in lodge at Ivanhoe and others where you cook your own food in your own cottage.  All outpost cottages are fully setup with a full complete kitchen.  Please review the following link for a full copy of our newest fishing brochure to guide you through all of these different types of options.  We can also create custom package if your looking for a unique experience that doesn’t quite fit into our regular brochure.

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Please also see the “Fishing” and “Accommodations” sections of the website for additional cottage specific information and options.

  • Ivanhoe Lake Drive in Cottages - Packages with Boats, Motors, Fuel

    The 5 day Housekeeping Plan Package 2020

    We offer a 5 day Housekeeping package to fish and explore the Ivanhoe Lake and River System. This 25 mile long lake/river system offers good Walleye/Northern Pike and good summer Jumbo Perch fishing.

    Ivanhoe Lake is situated just off Hwy 101, and is 50 miles east of Chapleau Ontario and 60 miles west of Timmins Ontario. The lodge is 2 miles off the highway down a paved road,  that is used by cottagers and the provincial park.

    The main lodge offers 2 VIP suites that sleep 4-10 persons with separate beds, and 2 other large cottages that also sleep 4-10 persons. We also offer 2 duplexes that on each side will comfortably sleep 2-4 persons, with full electric/Satellite TV, full kitchens and covered deck with a propane BBQ. Docking facilities for either your boats or our fleet of boats is a 100 foot floating dock with slips. Our boats come fully equipped with swivel boat seats, adult life jackets, safety kits, anchors, paddles, and minnow buckets…All you would need for our boats is a portable depth finder and your fishing tackle.

    To talk about Ivanhoe Lake and the fisheries and experience to expect, Ivanhoe Lake is populated with a provincial park, and around 50 cottages. The cottages and Provincial Park are all located on the main body of water close to the lodge, and once you have entered the river there are only 5 buildings stretching over the next 20+ miles.

    In our housekeeping package we offer the accommodations with full bedding supplied, full kitchen with dishes/pots/pans, microwave, toaster, coffee pot, electric heat, TV with Satellite dish, and access to the internet in the main lodge. We supply the first set of towels, so please bring extra beach towels.

    The primary fisheries on Ivanhoe Lake is the walleye fishing. With the early morning or late evening fisherman expect on most evenings to catch enough to fill the frying pan. The Northern Pike are numerous throughout the system and large pike are in the system. There are a number of fishermen that come in the summer and target the 1 lb perch population, and armed with maps that we provide and a little coaching, we should be able with a little work and luck, do well on the perch fishing.

    The Juniper Cottage, the 2 VIP suites in the main lodge, and the 4 Log suites next to the lodge:

    We offer our 5 day housekeeping package a rate of $575 for a party of 2+ adults. Please remember that the VIP cottages & Juniper are for a minimum of 4 adults. If you want to extend or shorten your stay then add (or subtract to shorten) by $85 per day. This package includes your accommodations, a Boat / Motor and all mixed fuel for each 2 adults.  We use 14 ft v-hull funds and 15hp yamaha outboards at the lodge.  If you have an odd size party over 4 for the larger accommodations then you can rent an additional boat for an additional charge, if desired or fish 3 in a boat and the 3rd person would pay the accommodations only rate of $49 / night.

    If your group is a mix of adults/children, or folks that do not fish … then  we can create an option with you when pricing out your package to reflect the actual number of boats that will be used for the group i.e. more than 2 adults per boat rented.  We also do see groups occasionally bringing up one boat, and then renting a second boat from Air Ivanhoe.  We do not offer an unlimited fuel package in this case, but we do rent the boat / motor daily.  In that case it is $125 for the first day with 5 gallons of fuel included, $75 / day for the days after and the guests pay for their fuel at market value.

    The 4 Cottage Log Suites: (2 Duplexes)

    We offer in our 5 day housekeeping package a rate of $575 for a party of 2-4. Please remember that the Cottage Log Suites are for a minimum of 2 adults. If you want to extend your stay then add $85 per day. This package includes your accommodations and a Boat & Motor and all mixed fuel for each 2 adults. If you have an odd size party of 3 then you can rent an additional boat for an additional charge, if desired. If your party wish to shorten their trip to a 4 day stay with Boats/Motors/Fuel then deduct $80 per adult. Children’s rates are on the website under “Forms & Fishing Info”.

    All information is on Page # 9 in our brochure.