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Fisherman Holding Giant Northern Pike CatchLooking for an incredible fishing trip in Ontario, Canada?

Air Ivanhoe offers you the best options for a satisfying and memorable fishing vacation. Whether you choose to join us at our Drive In Lodge, Ivanhoe River Inn, a boat to cottage, a fly-in adventure at Nemegosenda Lake Lodge or any of our 35+ Fly-in Outposts that we operate, we can assure you of one thing, we’re a great Ontario fishing destination!

Our various options offer you some of Northern Ontario’s best Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Whitefish and Perch fishing.

At our fly in lodge, Nemegosenda, the lack of significant fishing pressure and plenty of deep water allow the fish to commonly grow to trophy proportions. At the Ivanhoe River Inn you can drive to join us for some fantastic Walleye and Northern Pike
fishing along with a chance for some summer time jumbo perch which are a delicious addition to any evening meal!Guest Holding Fish Caught on the Lake

Similarly, our boat to cottages are located on the same waters as the Ivanhoe River Inn and offer you even better budgeted opportunities to land a good quantities of supper sized Walleye, Northern Pike and Jumbo Perch.

Finally, if you’re looking for real wilderness adventure choose one of our 35+ fly-in outposts for a fishing experience you won’t soon forget.  These waterbodies are all unique and between them offer both huge numbers and trophy sized Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Perch, and Whitefish. Visit our fly-in outposts section to decide which destination appeals to you.  Our groups often pick a different lake every year so don’t be concerned if more than one lake seems to be your perfect vacation – its completely normal.

Area Map

Limits and Licenses

Fish Limit and Size Chart 2018

Regarding fishing licenses fees and Limits for 2018 for ZONE 7 & 8. We have included the license prices. These prices include all taxes and issuing fees. Prices are quoted in Canadian Funds. For U.S customers: to get an approximate U.S $ rate, The US $ is at par with the Canadian Dollar (at this time/ Mar 11, 2018)

For example:
8 Day No Resident Sport Fishing Licence is $58.06 (including taxes) Canadian.
8 Day Non Resident Conservation Fishing Licence is $33.92 (including taxes) Canadian.
All Fisherman are required to have an Outdoors Card, which is valid for 3 calendar years and cost $9.68 (including taxes)
So if you need an outdoors card and a full limit of fish the 8 day Non Resident fee would be $8.57 + $51.38 for a fee of $59.95 + Taxes
All U.S hunters must show proof of hunting experience. An old license is required or a Hunting outdoors card.

8 Day or Annual Fishing License: 4 Walleye, 6 Northern Pike, 50 Perch, 3 Lake Trout, 5 Brook Trout, 25, Whitefish, 6 Smallmouth Bass.

8 Day or Annual Conservation Fishing License: 2 Walleye, 2 Northern Pike, 25 Perch, 1 Lake Trout, 2 Brook Trout, 12 Whitefish, 2 Smallmouth Bass.

The only “problem” with the conservation license is that you cannot keep a Northern Pike over 33.9”. If you plan to take home a trophy, you need to purchase a basic license.

Fishing License Limit:
S = Sport Fishing Licence. C = Conservation Fishing Licence
Species ZONE 7 & 8
Walleye & Sauger or any combination Jan.1 to April 14 & (3rdSat. in May) to Dec. 31
S– 4 in one day
Size limit: 3 Under 18.1” and 1 over 18.1”
C– 2 in one day
Size limit: 1 Under 18.1” and 1 over 18.1”
Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass or any combination Open all year
S– 6 in one day
C– 2 in one day
Northern Pike Open all year
S– 6 in one day
Size limit: only 2 greater than 61cm (24”) of which only 1 may be greater than 86cm (33.9”) in length.
C- 2 in one day
Size limit: only 1 greater than 61cm (24”) and zero greater than 86cm (33.9”) in length.
Lake Trout Jan. 1 to Sept. 30
S- 3 in one day
C- 1 in one day
Yellow Perch Open all year
S– 50 in possession
C– 25 in possession
Whitefish Open all year
S- 25 in one year
C– 12 in one day
Brook Trout Jan. l to Sept. 15
S– 5 in one day
C– 2 in one day


Fishing licences are required for most of our guests, with exceptions for youth generally and senior Canadians.

Bringing Fish Home?

Guests are allowed to possess one days limit regardless of the number of days fished.  You are allowed to bring fish home on your trips.  Air Ivanhoe requests that all trophy sized fish be released (Smallmouth bass 18″+, Walleye 23″+, Northern Pike 33″+)  If you want to take a few of the younger fish home to enjoy later with family and friends, thats probably not going to hurt the lake.  However, a trophy sized fish should always be released – its just too valuable of a resource to end up in hot butter.

There are two types of fishing licences, a “Sportsman” licence and a “Conservation” licence, which allows the licence holder about half of the limit of fish.  There are size restrictions on walleye and northern pike.                              

Sportsman Licence – 8 Day or Annual Fishing License: 4 Walleye, 6 Northern Pike, 50 Perch, 3 Lake Trout, 5 Brook Trout, 25, Whitefish, 6 Smallmouth Bass.

Conservation Licence 8 Day or Annual Conservation Fishing License: 2 Walleye, 2 Northern Pike, 25 Perch, 1 Lake Trout, 2 Brook Trout, 12 Whitefish, 2 Smallmouth Bass.

Live Bait

Live bait is recommended for year round Walleye, minnows in spring and fall, and night crawlers in July and August.Live bait is available at our store on Ivanhoe Lake, and will also be dropped off midweek to our fly in cottages. Only Ontario residents are permitted to bring a small minnow seine net and minnow traps.

We sell live minnows (medium, large, and larger suckers) as well as worms and leeches at our drive in lodge.  Please call or write  at least 2 weeks ahead of time to organize any large bait orders before your arrive to ensure that it is available when you arrive.

Prices for our live bait include:

  • Regular sized minnows – $6.50 / dz
  • Large sized minnows – $6.75 / dz
  • Sucker minnows (6 –> 12″) $12.75 / dz
  • Nightcrawlers $4.75/dz
  • Flats of worms (approximately 40 dozen counted by weight) $80
  • Leeches $6.95 / dz

Replica Mounts

Fiberglass replica MountWe strongly, strongly encourage the use of replica mounts for your “trophy” fish to remember your adventure.  We show off a beautiful northern pike replica made by “Creative Solutions” (Phone).  Below are a few links to  taxidermists we’ve met in our travels that will help you to make your fish a beautiful piece of art.  You may also wish to look into making an artistic wooden replica of your best catch.  Please check our Charles Chuck in regards to his wooden replicas.

In regards to fiberglass replica’s we strongly recommend Ron Kelly www.fishcreations.com. We proudly display a beautiful replica northern Pike created by Ron in our dining room to showcase the option for guests to catch and release these epic monster fish for another day !!!

Fish Species

Air Ivanhoe operates dozens of cottages on dozens of waterbodies, many of which are different in terms of fish species. The area generally has walleye, northern pike, perch, and whitefish in every lake. Many smaller streams and spring fed lakes have brook trout and a few of the larger deeper lakes have natural lake trout.  We include a species code lake by lake to give you an idea for the dominant species of each waterbody.

Tips and Tricks

Tackle and Rods

Fishing Tackle Checklist!

Rod and Reel Combos
  • 1 Ultra Light 5’-6’ with 4-6lb test line
  • 1 Light-Medium 5’-6’ with 8-12lb test line
  • 1 Fly rod
  • Walleye
  • Pike and deeper trolling
  • If available
Extra reel & line is a smart idea. Pack rods properly for transportation. Vehicles eat rod tips.

For Walleye… What works!! Minnows and night crawlers are important!!!






Floating Jigs

  • 1/16 oz lead head jigs with 2″ rubber tails
  • 1/8 oz lead head jigs with 3″ rubber tails
  • 1/4 oz lead head jibs with 3″ rubber tails
  • 1/2 oz lead head jigs with 3″-6″ rubber tail
  • perch
  • #1 for walleye
  • little deeper
  • deep jigging

Rubber Tails

  • Main colors are yellow, white, green purple black pink and orange.
  • Bring a lot of split shot sinkers & snap swivels
  • We recommend using a spinner blade in front of jig and troll to locate walleye
  • The best all-round lure is a beetle spin, which is a basic jig with a spinner blade and rubber tail. You can make these up yourself with the above mentioned combos.

For Example

  • Use a 1/8 oz jig with a spinner blade in front. The setup is 1-2 split shots 8-12″ in front of a snap swivel. The jig is added along with a minnow or a night crawlerTroll very slow along the bottom in 8’-14’ of water. You will loose a few jigs on logs, rocks, etc. But hey! The walleye are on the bottom! If you’re not there, you will not catch any! Once you have located the active walleye, you can drop your jig to the bottom and reel up slightly. Set the hook once the walleye start tapping. Also try casting, letting the lure sink to the bottom and retrieving slowly. Prepare yourself for snags.
  • This technique is the most inexpensive method of walleye fishing. Jigs are cheaper than plugs.

Good Plugs

  • Main colors are black, blue and orange
  • All Lake Erie Tackle
  • Floaters will work (get extra sinkers)
  • Thin Fins (diving)
  • Rapalas (diving-split 3″-6″)
  • Cordel Wally Divers or suspending Wally Divers
    * Any plug that will run in 8’-16’ should work.


What works!

  • Large sucker minnows (live bait)
  • Johnson silver minnows
  • Doctor spoons Daredevils
  • 6″-8″ Steel Leaders
  • Williams Wobblers (Walleye too)
  • Mepps Spinners
  • Most bass lure work
  • Cordell Ripplin Redfins
  • Flash is great! So are weedless lures!

Jumbo Perch

Lake Trout

Brook Trout

Small Mouth Bass

  • Lindy rigs
  • 1/16 oz jigs
  • Tons of night crawlers
  • Best time: July- September
  • Jigs, spoons & plugs that imitate bail fish
  • Colors: White, silver, gold and chartreuse
  • Fastrac minnow,
  • Pearl Bomber,
  • Small Rapalas, Williams Whitefish/ Spinner Bait
  • Flies, jigs minnows, light Multi Blade spinners with worm
  • Crankbaits trolling, weighted body spinners ¼ – 3/8 oz
  • Small Rapalas,
  • Little Cleo (red-gold)
  • Mepps Spinners
  • Fly (Muddler Minnow)
  • Long A Bomber, Jigs, Popping Bug, Mepps 3, Bass Killer, Shad Rap or Rattlin Spot
  • Colors: Black, yellow, gold and chartreuse
  • Live worms

Click here to view the full Fishing Tackle Checklist!

Customize Your Adventures

Our brochures are designed to cover most of the situations for most of the groups that we work with.  However, as you can imagine, running a tourism business since the mid 1950’s we’ve certainly seen and done a lot more.  We frequently customize packages for our guests to give them the adventure of their dreams.  If you need help planning your trip, or have ideas about or inquiries in regards to other wilderness adventures, please do not hestitate to reach out to us by phone or email to get started organizing your VIP vacation.

1 Day Fly-In Fishing Trips

From our drive in lodge at Ivanhoe, we can offer every length of fly-in fishing trip, including a 1 day morning to evening adventure.  We have many groups that will come on 5 day adventure and fish 5 different lakes during this period.  Budgeting for this type of trip would be $300 / adult / day based on a minimum of 4 persons in the group.