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Air Ivanhoe offers a variety of big game and small game hunting including moose, bear, wolf and smaller game like waterfowl, grouse, and rabbits.  Bear hunting in Ontario is open during the spring and fall seasons.  All other animals in our area have open season in the fall.

Many of our guests will do a combination fishing / hunting adventure.  Many of our groups are mixed groups, where one guy wants to hunt, two want to to fish, and the fourth wants to ride his ATV / UTV on a huge variety of gravel logging trails.


2019 Moose Hunting Package Information and Rates

ARCHERY ONLY Moose Hunt – Fly-In Outpost Cottages
 #1 Hunt  Special: 1 Bull Tag & 1 Cow Tag Minimum Party : 6 $2200/Hunter
#2 Hunt  Special: 1 Bull Tag Minimum Party: 6 $1600/Hunter

waggoner moose picturePrices Include

Flight(s) in and out for all hunters, midweek service check, cottage set for housekeeping, boats/motors/fuel and/or canoes as per site, flying moose out of the bush, refrigeration at our lodge. Weight limit 150lbs of gear per person. Overload charge are .90 per lb.

This is a 7 day 7 night hunt.  Additional days can be organized at $150 / day prior to your trip.

Hunters Need

Food, sleeping bag, bedsheet, pillowcase, ax and small saw for wood stove, FISHING AND/OR HUNTING LICENSES (we sell), first aid kit, fishing/hunting gear, cheese cloth/pepper. We recommend a lantern, GPS with topo maps, and personal life vest for every hunter. Hunters must provide proof of hunter competency by way of previous big game hunting licence. Non-Resident Hunters on arrival to Canada will pay a $25 firearm import fee and $35 wildlife fee to the Canadian government if returning to the US with a moose.

moose familyDiscounts

Parties of 6 or more: Rate will be reduced by $150 each.
Rates will be reduced by $50 per hunter for parties NOT needing rental outboard motor.
Parties of 5: Rate will be reduced by $100 each


$300 per Hunter – Minimum $1200
CANCELLATION POLICY: If you cancel your trip 120 days prior to your trip, you will receive a 90% refund on your deposit.

 Drive-In Moose Hunt – Adult Tags Supplied
Archery Moose Hunt with Cottage Accommodations WMU 30 & 31 (Foleyet)
 #1 Hunt 1 Bull Tag & 1 Cow Tag Accommodations up to 6 Guests $6600 Total
 #2 Hunt  1 Bull Tag  Accommodations up to 6 Guests $4600 Total
Rifle Moose Hunt with Cottage Accommodations WMU 30/31 (Foleyet)
#1 Hunt 1 Bull Tag Accommodations up to 12 guests $9200 Total
#2 Hunt 1 Cow Tag Accommodations up to 8 guests $5000 Total
 Drive In Moose Hunt To Camping Locations Archery / Rifle (with your tents/trailers/RV)
Rifle/Archery Moose Hunt WMU 23/26/30/31 (Kapuskasing/Cochrane/Foleyet)
 #1 Hunt  1 Bull & 1 Cow Tag Groups of up to 12 guests  $5500 (WMU 26 Rifle, WMU 23 ARCHERY OR RIFLE)
#2 Hunt  1 Bull Tag Groups of up to 12 guests $4000 (WMU 23 RIFLE OR ARCHERY, WMU 30 / 31 ARCHERY)
Hunters on the above “camping” style of hunt will need to be fully 100% self sufficient.  Hunters are required to bring adequate cooling for any animals harvested.  We recommend bringing portable generators as well as a 10 cubic foot deep freeze to keep your meat and food cold during your adventure.  We do rent satellite telephones from our drive in lodge at Ivanhoe, or your may consider bringing one up from home.  Most camping areas have zero cell phone service.

The drive in cottage accommodations moose hunts are 7 days / 7 nights.   Additional nights can be added for $49 / night.  Add $200 for each additional adult joining the group and staying in the same cottage for the 7-day hunt.

All guests on all moose hunts must be “registered” on our guest lists.  Guests on camping style moose hunts can hunt the entire duration of the season (3 weeks of archery OR 5 weeks rifle), but must maintain and sleep at their accommodations at the pre-determined camping site.


Trophy Drive-In Bear Hunt
Season Dates May 1 – June 15 and August 15 – October 31, 2019
Our Operating Season June 1-8 and 8-15 and August 15 – September 21, 2019
Rate $1850 CAD per hunter
Price Includes This is a 6 day – 7 night Trophy Hunt from Saturday to Saturday (starting hunting Sunday AM) and includes pre-baited sites, tree stands or ground blinds, guiding service for baiting and help in removing & transportation of all animals, all transportation and fuel for our provided trucks and or boats, accommodations with full kitchens, gutting/skinning/quartering your trophy and freezer facilities to freeze your animals. More information at on the attached Bear Brochure. No Trophy fees apply on any of our hunts.  There are however mandatory export permits for bears and moose which cost about $30 payable to the Ontario government.  We sell all licenses for our hunters including bear/fishing licenses and export permits.  Make sure that you bring a previous hunting license so that we can issue your bear tag.
Hunter Needs Food, fishing and hunting licenses (we sell), first aid kit, flashlight, all fishing tackle and hunting supplies. Hunters must pay all Canadian custom fees for importing firearms and exporting game.

To add a boat and motor and unlimited fuel to the package, with a minimum of two hunters,  add $250 per hunter based on 2 in a boat.

  • For single hunters in a cabin. add $500
Trophy Fly-In Bear Hunt
Season Dates May 1 – June 15 and August 15 – October 31, 2019
Our Operating Season June 1 – 15, 2019
Rate $2500 Canadian funds per hunter
Price Includes The package at Nemegosenda Lake Lodge including airfare, accommodations, boats & motors & fuel to access the bait sites, and preset baits, tree stands, ground blinds, and trail cameras. This is a semi-guided hunt with pre-baited stands but hunters will be responsible to boat themselves to and from the tree stands, as generally be more  independent than hunters at our drive in lodge.  Refer to the attached Bear Hunting brochure.

rates bear hunt

Additional Information and Rates for Bear Hunters

  • All prices are subject to applicable Canadian taxes
  • For the fly-in packages for non-hunters add $1250 for the fishing package (Minimum 2 adults)
  • Hunter orange vests and hats are required

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your trip 120 days prior to your trip, you will receive a 90% refund on your deposit.
Deposit: $500 per hunter/ minimum $1000

For our full brochure, please visit the following link  (Air Ivanhoe FULL BROCHURE) .  The hunting section is page 12.

For additional information about bear hunt packages please visit the following link: https://www.airivanhoe.com/brochure/BearHuntPackages-AirIvanhoe.pdf

Small Game

rates grouseGuests can add a small game hunt onto basically any package with Air Ivanhoe.  Small game season (grouse and rabbits) starts September 15 and runs through our entire fall operating season (generally ending mid November).  There no additional costs or fees on our end.  You would however need to possess a valid small game hunting licence.  This licence can be purchased over the counter at Ivanhoe, or can be purchased online at  https://www2.on.wildlifelicense.com/start.php?lang=1

Please note that to purchase any hunting licence in Ontario, both residents and non-residents must first produce a copy of a previous hunting licence or proof of taking a hunter competency course.  After the initial hunting licence is purchased and credentials provided to the licence issuer, subsequent outdoors cards will be valid to purchase both fishing and hunting licences.

Current pricing for small games licences can be found at the following link              https://www.ontario.ca/page/hunting-licence-fees-ontario-residents


rates ducksGuests can add a watefowl hunt onto basically any package with Air Ivanhoe.  Waterfowl season starts September 10 and runs through our entire fall operating season (generally we’re closing mid November).  There no additional costs or fees for Air Ivanhoe.  The hunter does need to possess a valid small game hunting licence as well as a duck stamp to enjoy this type of hunting.

The small game licence can be purchased online (https://www.ontario.ca/page/hunting-licence-fees-ontario-residents) or at our drive in lodge office.  Hunters must purchase a duck stamp at the post office.
They can also be purchased online at       https://www.permis-permits.ec.gc.ca/en/

Fin Feather and Fur Adventures

rates wolfOne of our favorite fall adventures includes bears, wolves, grouse, waterfowl, and fishing.  The middle of September (Sept 15 starting) is a really interesting timeframe that appeals to many outdoorsmen looking for a huge variety of adventures that are possible during the same time.  We offer a 1 week bear hunting / wolf hunting combination trip where guests will either fish or hunt small game or waterfowl in the mornings (as well as after their big game hunts), and hunt wolf and bear with us in the fall.  We recommend one week at the minimum for all of our hunting trips (especially so for this big of a variety of animals and adventures).

We would recommend each hunter bringing a high power rifle, shotgun, and 22 to challenge himself when chasing grouse.  A few rods from lightweight perch and walleye to medium heavy for big pike would be ideal.  Temperatures are generally in the mid 70s (21 Celsius) during the days and 50’s in the evenings.  We have usually had one good frost by this time meaning that most of the mosquitos and black flies will be gone by this point.  It’s just a lovely time of the year with changing colours of leaves, mild temperatures, and more adventures than most outdoorsmen can dream of easily within your grasp with us at Air Ivanhoe.