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Custom Adventures

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

We commonly cater to bachelor / bachelorette groups looking for one last adventure before the wedding vows.  Most of our groups of guys are looking for something more remote with more adventure and better fishing.  Most of our groups of bachelorette’s are looking to stay at our drive in lodge for the best amenities with nature within a few steps.  If your looking to customize any of your trips, please reach out by email or phone and we will see what we can do.

Family Vacations

We very very frequently see both immediate and extended families taking trips with Air Ivanhoe.  Groups looking for the best amenities will stay at the drive in lodge, the best fishing at a fly in outpost, the best blend of world class fishing and amenities at our fly in lodge, and the best budget at our boat in camps.  We offer both youth and group discounts for all of our trips.  If you need help planning your next family trip, please reach out to us by phone or email.

Wedding Parties

Ivanhoe Lake (and the town of Foleyet) certainly makes an interesting destination for weddings.  It’s a wilderness reach area where nature lovers can beautifully blend the wilderness with their wedding adventure.  We have hosted weddings in the past at our drive in lodge, and have also hosted wedding parties that chose to take their vows at the church at Ivanhoe Lake, the town hall in Foleyet, and the church in Foleyet.  If you have any questions about having us to help you organize accommodations, meals, a wedding location, or anything else on your bucket list, please reach out to us by phone or email.

Children Rates

For all of our locations, we offer children rates.  For the most recent children rates, please see the table below.

Children Rates 2021
Daily Ivanhoe River Inn Rates Housekeeping Plan Ivanhoe River Inn
Ages 3 & under FREE!! Daily
Ages 3 & under FREE!! Daily
4 – 11 $20 4 – 11 $ 45
12 – 16 $30 12 – 16 $ 75
17 + Adult Rate 17 + Adult Rate
Minimum rental of cottage/suite will apply prior to any children discounts. Please bring cribs or playpens for children under 3. Housekeeping packages include boats/motors/ and all fuel … Child rates apply to children as 3rd or 4th person in a boat. Kids under 16 fishing in a boat as a 2nd person will pay 75% of the adult rate. Minimum of 2 adults prior to any child discounts.
Please bring cribs or playpens for children under 3.
Boat-Inn Outpost Cottage Rates Fly-in Rates/Outposts & NemegosendaLake Lodge
Ages 3 & under FREE!! Daily


Ages Daily


4 – 11 1/2 adult rate 4 – 11 ½ adult rate
12 – 16 ¾ adult rate 12 – 16 ¾ adult rate
17 + Adult Rate 17 + Adult Rate
Please bring cribs or playpens for children under 3.
Minimum rental applies prior to any child discounts.
Rate for kids 4-11 apply only if the child is the 3rd or 4th person in a boat.
If a child is the 2nd person in a boat, the rate is ¾ of the adult rate.
Minimum party size for each cabin applies prior to any child discounts. Nemegosenda is minimum 2 adults for American Plan,and minimum 4 adults for Housekeeping Packages.

Please contact us if you require more information

Ultimate Guys Trip!!!

We very commonly hear from groups that they’re trying to plan the ultimate, most unforgettable, most memorable guys trip.  Many of these trips are multi generational, our favorite being 3 generations, and our record being 4 generations.  Talk to your potential group, figure out what type of adventure their looking for (fishing, hunting, more), what time of the year works best for everyone (spring, summer, fall) whether they’re looking for the best fishing or the best amenities and then reach out to us by phone or email to start planning.  Our brochures will discuss most of the packages that most of our groups do, but we can obviously customize  and help you create an absolutely unforgettable and rare VIP experience.  Fishing Brochure   Hunting Brochure

Ladies Only!!!

We occasionally have groups of all women and love to cater to these groups.  Most of them will stay at our drive in or fly in lodge to enjoy higher levels of amenities although some seek out more remoteness, solitude, and independence.  Whatever your looking for, if it has something to do with Northern Ontario and the wilderness, we can probably help you to make it a reality.  Please get in touch by phone or email if your looking to organize this type of adventure, or need any special assistance.